Oops! Info watchdogs exposed in embarrassing email gaffes

Information watchdogs have been criticised over disparaging comments made in emails when the Scottish Government lost the Named Person legal…

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Why are local councils still saying children have Named Persons?

The UK Supreme Court back in July struck down the information-sharing provisions at the heart of the Named Person scheme….

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Highland Named Person an opponent, actually, of families

GIRFEC has been running in parts of Highland for ten years and has been fully implemented across the whole region…

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Swinney leaves NO2NP’s campaign spokesman out in the cold

The Deputy First Minister and Education Secretary John Swinney put a ban on NO2NP’s campaign spokesman Simon Calvert from attending…

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As part of its efforts to promote its GIRFEC (Getting It Right For Every Child) policy, the Scottish Government has…

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Deputy First Minister John Swinney told the Education and Skills Committee a few weeks ago that he wasn’t prepared to…

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Out-of-date ICO data-sharing advice assigned to the dustbin

Like out-of-date milk was the Information Commissioner’s 2013 data-sharing advice to public bodies following the Supreme Court ruling in July….

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Scot Gov ordered to pay petitioners’ legal bills

The Scottish Government has repeatedly tried to claim the Named Person Supreme Court legal challenge failed, even though judges stated…

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Lord Advocate ignored human rights concerns before bill passed

If only someone had sounded the alarm about the potential of the Named Person scheme to breach human rights **…

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The facts behind Swinney’s Highland Council ‘utopian’ claims

Utopia: “an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.” You would perhaps expect to see ‘utopian’…

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