Has the Named Person scheme really been scrapped and where do we go from here?

Yesterday Deputy First Minister John Swinney announced in the Scottish Parliament: “We will now not underpin in law the mandatory…

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Good news! Scot Gov finally scraps Named Person scheme

This afternoon Deputy First Minister John Swinney announced that Named Persons, with powers to grab and share your private information,…

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Has expert panel delivered knock-out blow to Named Person scheme?

The Named Person scheme has suffered another major setback which could sink the entire scheme. An expert group set up…

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Can Named Persons share personal information about your family?

Everyone knows the Scottish Government’s attempts to re-legislate for Named Person data-sharing have run into the sand. The UK Supreme…

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Expert panel brands code of practice too ‘challenging’ and ‘complicated’

The Named Person scheme has suffered yet another major setback. In 2017 MSPs refused to back the SNP’s latest proposals…

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‘Unlawful’ police database with info on 950,000+ Scots linked to named person

In the clamour of news around Brexit this weekend, you may have missed an important headline. The Sunday Express reports…

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Teacher pens heart-breaking letter to John Swinney about her ‘nearly impossible’ job… Why is he still trying to foist Named Person on schools?

An anonymous letter to Education Secretary John Swinney from an exasperated teacher has been doing the rounds online. The viral…

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Govt considers witchcraft & wizardry as answer to Named Person woes

The minister enters and pulls up a chair. “Good morning folks. Let’s get down to brass tacks shall we? Item…

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‘Plan B’ to by-pass MSPs and implement Named Person scheme by the back door, secret papers reveal

The Scottish Government is considering controversial proposals to implement the detested named person scheme “by the back door” … even…

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Named person database encouraging users to override consent ‘by default’

(PIC: SEEMiS Wellbeing Application) It’s 2014. The Children and Young People Act has made its way through Holyrood and the…

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