NO2NP launch: Hundreds turn out to oppose ‘Named Person’ plans

Over 200 people packed into one of Edinburgh’s flagship venues on Monday for the launch of the NO2NP campaign. Just…

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Campaign video unveiled at NO2NP launch

The NO2NP campaign video was unveiled at the launch event, which took place in Edinburgh on 9th June 2014.

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Allan Massie: Why the Named Person proposal is deplorable

By Allan Massie CBE, journalist and author. Ferdinand Mount wrote a book entitled “The Subversive Family”. The adjective surprised many. …

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The Scotsman: “Scrap this unwanted law”

Sometimes what sounds like a good idea in theory turns out to be completely unworkable in practice. This looks to…

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Should teachers spend all day reading your kids’ medical reports?

NHS Forth Valley says every headteacher is to be the Named Person for every child in their school. It says…

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Dr Stuart Waiton: Named Person law ‘degrades the very meaning of privacy’

By Dr Stuart Waiton, a sociology lecturer at Abertay University, writing in a personal capacity. Here he expresses his deep…

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Highland Council Accused of “Big Brother” Tactics

Highland Council has been criticised for introducing “state guardians” for all children in the region ahead of a legal battle…

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Fury as Hospitals Begin Reporting Children’s Missed Appointments to ‘State Snoopers’

THE parents of children who miss their appointments at hospital are already being reported to state guardians. Doctors have told…

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Round Up of Media Coverage of Named Person Plans

The Named Person plans have been widely criticised by politicians, parents, academics, journalists, faith groups and those working in education….

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NO2NP: The Campaign Against State Appointed Named Persons For Every Scottish Child Aged Under 18

MSPs have approved the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act. They believe it will make children safer. But the legislation…

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