Video: NO2NP campaign launch
– Dr Mike Fitzpatrick GP

Dr Mike Fitzpatrick, GP and author of ‘The Tyranny of Health’, warns that those behind the Named Person proposals have…

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Sunday Express: Big Brother becomes a surrogate mum and dad

By Paula Murray THE Scottish Government has earmarked £40million to hire an extra 500 health visitors over the next four…

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SNP invests £40 million in new state snoopers

500 new health visitors will be recruited to deliver the Scottish Government’s controversial ‘Named Person’ plans, Health Secretary Alex Neil…

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NO2NP launch: Hundreds turn out to oppose ‘Named Person’ plans

Over 200 people packed into one of Edinburgh’s flagship venues on Monday for the launch of the NO2NP campaign. Just…

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Campaign video unveiled at NO2NP launch

The NO2NP campaign video was unveiled at the launch event, which took place in Edinburgh on 9th June 2014.

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Allan Massie: Why the Named Person proposal is deplorable

By Allan Massie CBE, journalist and author. Ferdinand Mount wrote a book entitled “The Subversive Family”. The adjective surprised many. …

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The Scotsman: “Scrap this unwanted law”

Sometimes what sounds like a good idea in theory turns out to be completely unworkable in practice. This looks to…

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Should teachers spend all day reading your kids’ medical reports?

NHS Forth Valley says every headteacher is to be the Named Person for every child in their school. It says…

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Dr Stuart Waiton: Named Person law ‘degrades the very meaning of privacy’

By Dr Stuart Waiton, a sociology lecturer at Abertay University, writing in a personal capacity. Here he expresses his deep…

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Highland Council Accused of “Big Brother” Tactics

Highland Council has been criticised for introducing “state guardians” for all children in the region ahead of a legal battle…

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