Angela Allan

Angela, a single mum of two, says she feels she is “living proof of the dangers of the Named Person…

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Prof David Anderson

Professor David Anderson is a father of two young boys and an academic at a leading Scottish university. In a…

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Kayley Hutton

The troubling story of Kayley Hutton in 2013 was described as the “first example” of how the controversial Named Person…

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Alison Preuss

Alison Preuss is the founder of Scottish Home Education Forums, an information portal and networking community for home educators. She…

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Dr Stuart Waiton

Dr Stuart Waiton, a sociologist and lecturer at Abertay University, describes four key trends in society which have driven the…

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Dee Thomas

Mother of four, Dee Thomas from Comrie in Perthshire, is concerned that the Named Person plans will diminish parental rights….

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James and Rhianwen McIntosh

James and Rhianwen McIntosh live near Falkirk with their four children. They’ve been told that their children have already been…

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Janet McDermott

Janet McDermott, who has been homeschooling her children for over a year, has suffered constant interference from local officials and…

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Lesley Scott

Lesley Scott represents a charity providing support services for families with children suffering from ME. She says the Named Person…

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"I oppose the Scottish Government's plan to assign a 'Named Person' to every child in Scotland because it undermines families and diverts resources from children who need them."

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