A large group of NO2NP volunteers gathered in Glasgow City Centre on Saturday morning to raise the profile of the campaign and encourage people to sign the online petition.

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Interest in the Action Day came from people of all ages, even some young couples who weren’t yet parents. Dozens were very happy to sign the online petition and promised to tell their friends and family about it too.

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Time and time again, people remarked that they couldn’t understand why the Scottish Government would want to introduce such a scheme. Some said it would be completely unworkable, while others said it smacked of Big Brother and was more fitting for countries like China or North Korea.

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It was very clear to the team that Glasgow Says No to the Named Persons!

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The next Action Day will be in Inverness on Saturday 10th October. If you’d like to come along and get involved, do get in touch with us at

And do keep letting your friends know about the online petition at!