Anti-Named Person campaigners granted right to fast track appeal

Campaigners fighting the controversial named person proposals have won their request for a fast track appeal after a judge threw out their initial bid to have the named person scheme declared illegal.

At a hearing in Edinburgh on 17 February, Lady Clark granted a motion which means the case could be heard as early as June.

Although the Scottish Government has stated the scheme will not be implemented until next year, ministers have refused to give undertakings not to proceed with the legislation, meaning there is nothing to prevent them bringing it into force at any time.

A NO2NP spokesman said:

“We are delighted at this decision which allows us to challenge the decision as quickly as we can, possibly in early June. Speed is of the essence as this draconian legislation poses a threat to the private lives of every family in the country who has a baby on the way or a child aged up to 18.”