NO2NP event: Sillars tells Swinney ‘do a Hammond’ with Named Persons

Around 250 people turned out for a NO2NP special event in Edinburgh on Monday in a major rally against the…

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With the Government stubbornly ploughing ahead with a much more limited form of the Named Person scheme and much confusion…

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Named Person data-sharing ditched In Scottish Government U-turn

Deputy First Minister John Swinney announced yet further delays to the Named Person scheme in a statement to the Scottish…

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Named Person fact check: ‘just needs a few tweaks’

SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT CLAIM: Ever since they lost in the Supreme Court the Scottish Govt has been trying to downplay the…

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Named Person Fact Check: ‘Intense period of engagement’

SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT CLAIM: “Since the judgement, we have undertaken an intensive period of engagement with children, young people, parents, carers,…

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NO2NP exposes flaws in reply from Better Life Chances Unit

Back in December, NO2NPers wrote in their hundreds to the Deputy First Minister, making sure their concerns were heard as…

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Named Person Fact Check: ‘legitimate and benign’

SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT CLAIM: “Last year the Supreme Court ruled definitively that the intention of providing a Named Person for every…

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Keeping up appearances of ‘getting it right’

By Alison Preuss of Home Education Forums Back in September 2016, Deputy First Minister John Swinney reassured Parliament that Named…

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The Scottish Government has thrown a veil of secrecy around stalled efforts to salvage its Named Person scheme after judges…

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The strange case of Jekyll, Hyde and the Scottish Government

When the Supreme Court handed down its ruling on the Named Person scheme back in July the Scottish Government did…

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"I oppose the Scottish Government's plan to assign a 'Named Person' to every child in Scotland because it undermines families and diverts resources from children who need them."

I am a resident of Scotland and 16-years-old or over